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Sadie in Camo

The past few weeks I have been working on a book cover. All birds. In fact it is for a book on the birds of Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska. Now that I am in the end stages it was time to get going on the next project.

Sadie was a treasured and valuable hunting dog owned by my cousin, Mark. I met Sadie a few times when I stopped at Mark's for visits. She was a lovely black lab, full of life, smart as a whip, and very cherished. Mark commissioned me to paint his beloved pup.

After starting with the background and letting it dry I transferred the basic outline of Sadie, decked out in her camouflage vest. Next step is getting the basics colors and areas filled in before the next step of making Sadie come to life.

First dark colors added to define Sadie.

A few hours later Sadie is taking shape.

Once the painting is completed I will post it. Sadie will probably have lower legs in the next version!


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