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Animals have always captured my heart. Drawing them began at a very early age, with horses being the preferred subject matter. From age 12-24 I owned a wonderful registered quarter horse, Lynn’s Poco. We spent many a weekend at horse shows jumping fences through high school.

For decades my artwork focused on illustrating birds in ink on scratchboard and also in watercolor for magazines, books, catalogs, and private collections. Last year a project I was working on was too complex to tackle in watercolor so I switched to acrylics which worked perfectly.

Acrylics are also perfect for animals! After painting cats and dogs for Christmas presents (gifts and commissions) the idea of reaching a wider audience led to my creating a website specifically for pet portraits.

There are three galleries: cats, dogs and other critters. The latter includes a few of my bird paintings. Media includes pastel, watercolor and acrylic.

“Tulip in the tulips” is my most recent one finished today. Tulip stayed with us for a week while her parents were on vacation.

Enjoy. Please share the link with pet lovers you know!

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